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June 22, 2017

Defense, Defense, Defense

There’s no question the Packers will be faster on defense next season. Whether they’ll be better remains to be seen. Friday’s draft picks – Kevin King, Josh Jones and Montravius Adams – posted some of the best 40 times at their respective positions at the Combine, but none of the three looked nearly as good playing football in September as they did running around in shorts in March.

King certainly looks the part of a modern-day NFL cornerback. The former Washington star is blessed with rare size (6’3, 200) and outstanding speed (4.43). Unfortunately, that combination doesn’t always show up on tape. If it did, he never would’ve lasted until the second round. The 21-year-old from Oakland, California isn’t very physical in run support and doesn’t play as fast as he times. He also has some stiffness in his lower body that will allow separation in transition. This is extremely common in tall defensive backs, and it’s one of the – pardon the pun – biggest reasons there have been so few quality corners over 6-foot-2 in the past 20 years.

On the positive side, King has excellent length and overall size. He shows really good footwork and hand placement in press coverage and uses his long arms, body length and leaping ability to take away passing lanes. He’s most effective guarding against deep balls down the sideline and the tricky back shoulder throw.

I want to see King live before giving a stronger opinion on his future with the Packers, but my initial impression isn’t overly positive. He actually reminds me of a taller version of Davon House, whom Thompson drafted in the fourth round in 2011. And while King will almost certainly start in 2017, and he’ll almost certainly be an upgrade from LaDarius Gunter, I simply don’t see a future No. 1 corner. At least not yet.

As good an athlete as King is, Jones makes him look like Micah Hyde. And that’s more of a compliment to Jones than it is a shot at Hyde. The former North Carolina State star ran an unreal 4.41 at 220 pounds at the Combine. And unlike King, he actually plays that fast. So why was such a talented player still around at the end of round 2? Because, like King, he doesn’t always play as good as he looks.

The best thing about Jones – besides his freakish athleticism – is his versatility. He can play any role you need from a safety, whether it’s single-high, in the box or even in the slot. He also has the size to play linebacker in the nickel and dime packages – which is where I see him making his greatest impact as a rookie. Morgan Burnett was expected to man that position in 2017, but that was before last night. Jones is 10 pounds heavier and a lot faster.

The worst thing about Jones is his lack of consistency. While he certainly made his share of eye-opening plays in college, he also gave up too many big completions for someone with so much God-given ability. He’s easily manipulated by quarterbacks. I lost count of how many times he got himself into big trouble by peeking into the backfield or by biting on play-action. Safeties coach Darren Perry will have his hands full.

Jones will need patience and great coaching if he’s going to be more than just a niche player at the next level. I’m encouraged by his potential, but I’m a little troubled that he wasn’t more dominant at North Carolina State. Then again, he wouldn’t have been available at the end of the second round had he been more dominant at North Carolina State. So, at least for one day, everything worked out perfectly for the Packers.

GM Ted Thompson may have saved his best work for last. Adams was a great value pick at the end of the third round. I’m not, however, saying he’s a great player.

The former Auburn star ran under 4.9 at over 300 pounds at the Combine, and that athleticism makes him almost impossible to block at times. Unfortunately, those times are too sporadic. I watched him dominate LSU’s superb center Ethan Pocic for a half and then pretty much disappear for the final 30 minutes. That was the story of his life in college, and it’s why 92 players went ahead of him last night.

Adams is capable of lining up anywhere along the defensive front, although end is probably his best position. That’s because at nose tackle he tends to play too tall and get steered and controlled by the double team. As a pass rusher, his explosive first step should make him an asset in the nickel and dime packages.

It’s rare that a good college player becomes a great pro player, but it does occur once in a while. And while I’m not saying that’s likely to happen with Adams, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. In many ways, he reminds me of Robert Nkemdiche, the former Ole Miss star who was drafted in the first round (29th overall) by the Arizona Cardinals a year ago. That’s what I meant by referring to Adams as a great value pick.

OVERALL ANALYSIS: Thompson continues to stockpile the defense with high picks. In fact, 13 of the last 18 players he’s drafted on days 1 and 2 were from that side of the ball. It hasn’t helped much yet. King will be given every opportunity to start as a rookie, while Jones and Adams should be important rotational pieces.

I opined earlier in the week that Thompson needed to just draft really productive players with his top three picks. His best success this decade has come when selecting the likes of Bryan Bulaga, Morgan Burnett, Randall Cobb, Casey Hayward, Eddie Lacy, Davante Adams and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. He hasn’t fared nearly as well when he decided to be a little cute with the likes of Mike Neal, Alex Green, Datone Jones, Khyri Thornton, Richard Rodgers and perhaps Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins (still too soon to know for sure).

King, Jones and Adams would be great additions if NFL games were played in shorts and on fields decorated with orange cones. Thompson and his scouts clearly put a lot of emphasis on what they saw at the Combine and less emphasis on what they saw on tape. That hasn’t always worked so well in the past. We’ll find out soon enough if things will be different this time around. For the sake of the D, they need to be.

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18 Responses “Defense, Defense, Defense”

  1. NP40
    April 29, 2017 at 11:08 am

    The spectacle of watching Murphy and Thompson fist bumping as they offer selections in 2017 to cover the 2015 draft incompetence is amazing to watch. As Leroy Butler stated, these guys answer to no one.

    We added two athletic DB’s to a bunch of other DB’s but no one knows if the secondary is actually going to be any good ? With $23 million in cap space remaining. Aaron Rodgers buys lots of Mulligans.

    If Matthews gets hurt {which he will} who generates pass rush ? Are they relying on Fackrell or Elliott ? Have they seen that much improvement ? Maybe a scrap heap vet after the draft ? Of course, Ted can always fix it in next year’s draft.

    The Josh Jones pick is starting to grow on me. Rare ability for someone that size. Fits that Burnett role of S/LB hybrid who can also cover a TE. May mercifully get Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez off the field on passing downs. I’m sure Burnett’s upcoming contract has something to do with it too. Burnett and Jones in those hybrid roles opens some interesting possibilities for a creative Defensive Coordinator to utilize…………………oh wait…………..never mind……………….we’ll just scheme him to blitz directly into an opposing OT’s chest.

    The Pack plays a lot of Nickel and Dime set defense and adding these guys brings speed and athleticism to the defense. Whether or not it actually improves it remains to be seen.

  2. Nerd
    April 29, 2017 at 11:13 am

    I look at King as a better version of Aaron Rouse. Glad to get some speed back there, though.

    I think they took Adams just because he was still there.

  3. Thorny
    April 29, 2017 at 11:22 am

    This 3D draft, so far, is puzzling to me. King has an Urkel quality to him. Doesn’t seem manly at all. Very uninspiring individual as to the game of football.

    Jones is the guy I’m most excited about based on one thing alone. Presence. He like Kentrell Brice, loves to hit. Our D has had no identity and has carried the SOFT label for years, especially in the middle. With Brice and Jones that could begin to change. I love that. He’s well spoken and extremely excited to be a Packer. Seems to love football. As a guy, he inspires confidence that he’s a dyed in the wool baller. I hope they can harness him and we’re not cursing him for stupid aggression penalties. Rather have him making mistakes at 100 mph, than Hyde assignment sure going 50.

    Adams is a guy who on an SEC broadcast was noted as the best DL in the conference. That’s SEC ball there. He is incredibly quick. Watch this guy’s first step. Lightning. However, on twitter, someone posted a graphic comparing his SPARQ rating, I believe. Guess who his comps were? Justin Harrell and Khyri Thornton. No joke. A little wonder why Ted was attracted. He’s liked two very similar guys previously. Let’s hope 3rd time’s the charm. Huge bust potential on that guy. Sad reading he basically took the year off as to effort before last season. MR noted he took half the game off vs. LSU. Just what we need. Another unmotivated big man for the DL.

    Watching Minnesota trade up for Dalvin Cook? A moment not soon forgotten and maybe never if he’s the real deal. Watching Kevin King get roasted while Cook is racking up all purpose yards will really really be tough to handle.

    My only hope is that we can trade King or Jones for the next Ahman Green if either flames out. That’s now how many secondary picks in the last few years? 3- 1st rounders (Ha Ha, Damarious and King)…3- 2nd rounders (Hayward, Rollins and Jones)…that’s 6 high picks in the last couple of drafts. If our secondary is as terrible as it has been, Ted needs to get fired not retire. I’m aghast and the praise this guy receives for the brutal work done on defense. Blame Dom all you want. MM loves Capers. There is a disconnect somewhere.

    As to Day 3… There are 3 or 4 RB’s I’d like to see… Perine, Aaron Jones from UTEP (we had him in for a visit), Tarik Cohen (my personal favorite in entire draft), and I’Travius Mathers the Ole Miss transfer who tore it up at MTSU last year. Jones is a guy who might make me forgive not getting Cook or Mixon. Kid has tremendous character and has great vision and balance and can do it all. Cohen is just plain fun in cleats. The Human Joystick. A better version of Dujuan Harris. Nobody as exciting as this kid. Couldn’t help thinking Sproles and Barry Sanders watching his highlight reel. Mathers reminded me of James Starks a little. Perine would be the known quantity and Lacy lite.

    The best part of this process is who comes after via UDFA. Most of the time our picks leave a lot to be desired. This year is probably chief among them. A depressing draft to me. All 3 of these draftees seem to have a higher than normal bust potential. It has NEVER worked when Ted sets out to “fix” something via the draft. I refuse to believe his board told him that Kevin King was the BPA, nor Josh Jones, nor Adams. If it did? Wow. More need picking dressed up with BPA lingo. Makes it hard to be a fan or to have any enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

  4. Tom
    April 29, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Wow is this a depressing site today. Enough said.

  5. TJV
    April 29, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    I’ve always thought production in college is more important than combine numbers. It’s great to have a good 3-cone drill time but as Michael says, there aren’t any cones on the field. And nothing at the combine can measure football instincts, determination, or heart. It certainly is lucky for Packers fans that so many of the ‘best players available’ in the first three rounds of the last six drafts just happened to play defense. That’s why the D has been so good since then. Lucky too that Thompson never drafts for need.

    Seriously, of course it’ll be years before a meaningful draft grade can be applied to this draft. I hope Thompson wasn’t kidding when he said there are “other avenues for position players” when asked about adding RBs. And to be fair he’s already added a Thompson era record 5 vets from other teams. If he can’t find a RB to share reps with Montgomery in the draft I hope he adds a sixth vet who can run the ball. And that goes for other positions as well.

    I’ve frequently written I care more about what members of the organization do than what they say. And I care much, much more about what Thompson does than how he appears in a press conference. But he seemed particularly disoriented at times during his press conference yesterday. For example, when asked if they were close to accepting a trade offer for pick #33, he said, ‘I don’t think we consummated anything…. I don’t think we did anything tonight. Is that right, did anyone watch me?’ Yikes man, at least try to convey a coherent thought…

    Pick #108 is in and it just so happens the BPA plays defense! I’ve read/heard a few say Vince Biegel will be a better pro than TJ Watt. I’ll be very, very surprised if that’s true, but now of course I’m hoping it is.

  6. SteveM
    April 29, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Besides the proprietor constantly taking shots at Thompson or McCarthy, I get that feeling. Love to actually see Thorny in person tell
    King he’s not manly…

  7. Thorny
    April 29, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Thank you for bringing up the senility thing, TJV. The NFL, if not life itself, has passed this guy by. It is very hard to respect this guy. Just listen to him. He really sounds like he’s lost it.

    Here we are with 5 Packers picks in the books. Who is it that is changing any games for us? Who is it that any of us feel really strongly about making this team so much better in 2017? It’s another non descript draft unless you’re Chad Rueter who gave A’s to our first 3 picks.

    Jamaal Williams is our RB selection? We get to watch Dalvin Cook and Tarik Cohen with our rivals while we get to watch Jamaal Williams? Get used to the phrase, “caught from behind”, on plays he actually isn’t tackled at the line. Will be a blast watching our “athletic” LB corps chasing RB stars.

    Something on Biegel… some will say… same 40 as Clay!!! Hooray! He’s Clay Jr!. Ehhnt. No. Look at the 10 yard split for each of them. One of these things is not like the other. I guess Biegel’s 40 time will come into play a lot while chasing guys running by him down the field. How Ted can say yesterday it isn’t your grandfather’s NFL and then turn around and pick guys with very limited athleticism and speed, today, is beyond me. Thank God we have one of the top GM’s in the game calling the shots. Our defense might actually be worse? Day 3 is guys with height weight speed combos. We are choosing turtles. Just so so so Ted. I will call it right now…this D is as bad as it ever was next year and this draft goes down as the one where people finally admit, looking back, this was the moment it was time for a change at the top.

  8. Ryan
    April 29, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Yea thorny telling a NFL player he looks nerdy is comical……. thorny should wipe the cheeto stains off of himself

  9. Thorny
    April 29, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    No cheetos, Ryan. I’m sorry but Kevin King has a Steve Urkel quality to him. Did you hear him speak and actually see the guy? He may turn into Richard Sherman like the mockers have foretold, but I doubt it. When you listen to this kid you don’t think football. I think maître d’ in a french restaurant or Bronson Pinchot’s character, “Serge”, from Beverly Hills Cop. I love the Packers as much as anyone but I am honest about what I think and that is what I think when I see Kevin King.

    Who is going into the upcoming season riding any buzz from this draft where we NEEDED to get stars to help us right away? This is another Ted deflating special but he likes the guys he got so it’s all good.

    I do LOVE Aaron Jones. I’m actually really fired up we drafted him. I mentioned him in a post above. Now, I really don’t understand the Jamaal Williams selection. Aaron Jones is the guy most likely to be something for us next season. Sad that I don’t feel that way about any of our first 5 picks. I do think Josh Jones on D has a chance to bring an element we’ve been missing. So, minuses the Joneses this draft has been one where it’s hard trying to watch the next underwhelming pick.

  10. TJV
    April 29, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Thorny at 2:35PM today: “Who is it that is changing any games for us? Who is it that any of us feel really strongly about making this team so much better in 2017?”

    Patience Thorny, patience. ‘With their compensation pick at the end of the fifth round, the Green Bay Packers select Aaron Jones from Texas-El Paso’. About whom someone wrote, “Jones is a guy who might make me forgive not getting Cook or Mixon. Kid has tremendous character and has great vision and balance and can do it all.” (Thorny at 11:22 AM today) Now you’re excited, right Thorny?

    As to your question above, Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks should make the Packers already prolific offense even better. And they added a RB you LOVE and signed Evans as insurance for the interior of the OL. Those additions, particularly Bennett, and according to you, Jones should change games for the Packers.

    On defense they’ve acquired two new (potentially) starting CBs in House and King. Thompson & Company aren’t putting all their faith in Randall and Rollins bouncing back from bad sophomore seasons. Josh Jones, another player you like adds speed (so does King) and a physical presence to the middle of the field. They also added vet Francois for depth on the DL and Adams has a shot to be part of the rotation.

    Those are reasons to believe the 2017 Packers can be better than last year’s version of the team. Of course how much better is the question. If you really want to legitimately play the ‘I told you so’ game in years to come, go through the draft and, with the benefit of hindsight as to who will be available later in the draft, tells us who you would have drafted at each spot. But to be fair, you should take Aaron Jones at #134, not #182 where he was actually picked because that’s where you criticized the Williams pick. And because you’re very high on him.

    BTW, criticize King if he shied away from tackling at Washington, and more importantly if he does so in Green Bay. But judging him as you have is just stupid. Have you ever heard former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson talk? What do you suppose was the first impression he left with people who didn’t know what he did for a living before he became famous? King is a cover corner, if he does that job well he doesn’t have to talk like a tough guy.

  11. JJ
    April 29, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Time will tell if these were good picks or not. One thing is clear though – the “draft and develop” philosophy is clearly not working on the defensive side of the ball. Every year the Packers load up on day 1 and 2 defensive draft picks, and every year the defense is responsible for the season coming to the end. Either the guy making the picks or the guy developing the picks aren’t getting the job done. Or it’s both of them.

  12. Thorny
    April 29, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    Uh oh… MR, I apologize in advance if I cross the line here but I’m trying to respond to TJV.

    Yes, as you can see, I was/am happy with Aaron Jones. One of those guys you just love for whatever reason, but not as much as I loved Tarik Cohen whom the Bears traded up for in Round 3. Pure on field dynamite there. The kind of game changing player I lust after. Feel free to mock me if he flames out in Chicago.

    You want to know what I would’ve done? Reuben Foster would’ve been an incredible temptation for me at 29. Not privy to his medical, not sure that I wouldn’t have traded back just like Ted did. I was with him at that point. At 33, I have Dalvin Cook staring me in the face or Joe Mixon. I would look to trade down believing that I could get Mixon a little bit later, so that’s my aim. A few spots back and take Mixon. I’m not taking King to cover for the fact I bungled the first two picks two years ago, or the fact I let Hayward go. I can’t let a guy with star power not get drafted because of my mistakes from two years ago. All things equal, Mixon and or Cook is the better player and it isn’t close. So, I go BPA and take Dalvin Cook if I have to stay at 33 not hedge my past failure by taking star power-less, Kevin King because it’s a need.

    The draft goes completely differently after doing different things at 33 or trading back like I would desire. Too hard to sit here and play what if. I’m not taking Josh Jones with our pick at end of 2nd but impossible to say who I would’ve because draft is different after change in tack at 33.

    BTW, my comment on being fired up for 2017 had to do with the draft up to that point. Not Marty B. or Lance K.

    I just hate Ted mathematics. What he does is just add right back to what was subtracted. His equation always goes – then +. How about + and then +. We’re always replacing mediocrity or above average with mediocrity and above average. How about adding something very good and then very good again. My lament was kind of answered in Marty B and then Lance K. That’s math that works for me and helps make us better.
    Here’s Mike and Ted…

    (I can’t find the MM quote I wanted to use) Here’s what he said (paraphrasing): King and Jones are the replacements for Shields and Hyde and will have a chance to fill those roles right away.

    – then + … – then +. How are we better for that? Is either of these guys going to be Sam Shields? I hope to goodness a first and 2nd are good enough to be replacements for Hyde. Still net – then +.

    Thompson: We wanted extra picks, that was a goal going into this draft. We felt we needed to add some juice to this roster.

    Ted goes on and on about not being his grandfather’s NFL on Day one and 2. Then on Day 3, the day you’re supposed to be picking size, speed combos, he goes all non athletic with Biegel and Williams. Spare me the chart with Von Miller at the top saying Biegel is in that class. Ted speaks of adding “juice”. L ohhhh L. What juice did we add? We had a real chance of some real juice with Cook or Mixon and we got the frail rail, Kevin King. I’m not trying to be disparaging but honestly where is the juice he’s speaking to? I don’t see it anywhere in this draft. The Jones boys are as close as it gets. I can buy it on Josh with his measurables but who else? King is noted for playing nowhere near his timed speed. Adams has a very questionable motor and compare favorably to Harrell and Khyri Thornton. Juice? Perhaps, he was referring to Vince Biegel and how he got that body of his?

    BTW, isn’t it just insanely lucky how the universe just knows every single draft what players we need and they just happen to be BPA every single year? It’s freaking amazing. So blessed to be a Packers fan. Shields gone…there’s Kevin King. Hyde gone… there’s Josh Jones. Someone’s rubbing Orion the right way just below his belt for this to be happening year after year.

    Sorry, for being a despondent fan but that is my perception. You sure can’t change it. Every year I could type your optimistic view of how the D will be better. It NEVER is via the draft. Peppers helped a bunch the first year. With all the high picks dumped into this D, we should be the ’85 Bears, yet, we’re closer to the 0-16 Lions. Why? Save the rah rah for someone else. I’m so sick of being told by almost everyone how great Ted is as our GM. This guy is an embarrassment to this franchise. What an absolute ugly face he provides for us. I fear for the man’s health. Not sure if it’s pain pills or dementia or what but something is wrong with him. If you can’t build a D in all these years and you’ve been living off Aaron Rodgers you probably aren’t a top flight GM but who am I to argue with everyone else? After all, we make the playoffs and lose every year. Wow. We’re so fortunate we aren’t Cleveland or back in the 70’s round here. Sick of the shoot low good is good enough. Good is the enemy of great. I saw Ted say tonight he wants 1 or 2 more SB rings. Is he taking a position with New England? I hope he is. He makes is so so hard to be a fan of this organization. I love the Packers but couldn’t possibly dislike the majority of how he runs us more than I do. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten our SB win under Ted. I also haven’t forgotten it took facing Caleb Hanie and white knuckle ride to even get there. God only knows what would’ve happened had we not had to face their 3rd string QB who I don’t think played a down all season.

    You keep the rah rah alive. Maybe, after a decade of high pick after high pick we’ll draft and develop into a mediocre unit. It’s just sick the accolades thrown about around here and being told how negative is to see it the way I do. Squandering. I’m not into grading on a curve. There is but one goal. Get it or don’t. MM and his happiness with being beneath New England makes him a (word I don’t like to use). With someone so comfortable with not being the best we never will be.

  13. Nerd
    April 30, 2017 at 12:11 am

    It’s like with offensive linemen. When Mike was asking for “smaller, quicker” guys, Ted’s picks at that position didn’t pan out. Remember Mike’s obsession with zone blocking?

    Dom is the same way with ‘tweeners. He’s not smart enough to play the chess game, so he wants guys who can move around on the fly without having to substitute. That way he never has the wrong guys on the field, but he never really has the right guys either.

    Don’t get me wrong, versatility is good. But Datone Jones just flat out didn’t fit this system. Neither does Perry, really.

  14. Jeremy
    April 30, 2017 at 1:05 am

    Defense is gonna be awful again this year.

  15. TJV
    April 30, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    This is what I’ve suggested for any draftniks who are passionate about researching potential draftees (I’m not one of them) and who want to be fair when evaluating their team’s drafts: In real time after your team makes a pick, post who you would have taken. If a trade happens you have to accept it and pick where the team picks. Of course this isn’t perfect but at least you are in approximately the same spot as the GM, not knowing where yet-to-be drafted players will be picked. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with just criticizing the GM’s strategy or particular picks, I just think that’s the fairest way for those who want to say, ‘I told you so’ later on. Of course I would never accuse you of wanting to be fair or objective.

    Your painting me as a Thompson apologist is pathetic but predictable. I was just answering your question, “Who is it that is changing any games for us?” Of course you weren’t talking about free agents signed, even though you (and I and a bunch of us) have criticized Thompson for largely ignoring free agency in the past. Anyone attempting to be fair has to acknowledge all the additions to the roster when asking such a broad question, and particularly since Thompson went out of his comfort zone by signing 5 free agents before the draft.

    Read what I wrote again: “Those are reasons to believe the Packers CAN be better…” That’s true, there are objective reasons to believe the Packers will be better. That’s hardly keeping the “rah rah alive”, except from your biased perspective: “Jones is a guy who might make me forgive not getting Cook or Mixon”. That was the BS you wrote fully expecting the Packers wouldn’t take him later in the draft. Now that Jones is a Packer, you’re stuck with equating him to Cook and Mixon. An objective fan with such a high opinion of Jones would compliment Thompson for grabbing such a talent so late in the draft, right? Of course we don’t expect that from you even though you say you would have chosen Cook or Mixon in the second round.

    Your history here shows you would criticize Thompson no matter what he did. For example, what do you suppose you’d be posting if Thompson didn’t address his previous mistakes in the secondary? That he’s stubbornly sticking with his guys? He attempts to bolster the weakest position on the team and you criticize, and if he didn’t you’d criticize. Keep in mind I’ve posted here I hope Thompson retires in 2018 and I’ve advocated for Capers’ firing. But that doesn’t mean everything they do is wrong.

    Look, nothing is guaranteed: Even if the Packers picked every player you preferred, that’s true. Even if Thompson signed a big name free agent every other offseason for the last 10 years; even if Thompson and Capers were fired after last season or before that. So by all means be negative. And be sure not to enjoy the prospect of watching the Packers offense this season or the very real chance the defense will be (at least somewhat) better.

  16. Thorny
    April 30, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    You sure haven’t followed me much. I don’t hate all things Ted.

    There are some very odd conclusions you draw and inferences you make. I’ve been incredibly clear on Aaron Jones. You allege I thought he wouldn’t take him and that was my aim in posting? I was pumped when he was selected. Ecstatic. My quote on him included the qualifying word “almost” but you glossed over that to try for an aha moment. It simply meant that it would be nice if he took players I wished for him to take. Nothing more. Certainly didn’t mean that I thought not getting Cook or Mixon wasn’t a mistake.

    You realize we drafted 3 RBs and 2 WRs? That’s 5 picks on skill positions. 1 on OL…4 on D and as MR noted another year of no ILBs up high. We took none at all. Nothing there via FA .

    Feel free to hail TT for finally using FA. He replaced Jared with Marty and added Kendricks. Not fired up about Francois or House. Evans is a nice one year Bruce Wilkerson band-aid. Again, the Ted math… We took a minus on Lang and take a plus on Evans. The net effect is? We’re not better but some act like this is fantastic simply due to Ted breaking character and adding someone. Ask yourself… Are we better with Evans or Lang? You know the answer so the fact Ted is worthy of praise for it is ludicrous. Reality is he just deserves less scrutiny but certainly not praise but I understand Ted math applies to the fan base also. Always trying to keep status quo never trying to be better save for Peppers, Woodson and Pickett. Don’t kid yourself. While Marty B may be better than Jared C, that wasn’t why Ted did it. He did it because he didn’t want to pay Cook and found Bennett to be a surprising bargain. Nothing more. Ted is a God though so I understand.

  17. April 30, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    If King being a “Better version of Aaron Rouse” is the best compliment you can give the young man clearly you don’t feel very good about him. I on the other hand feel excellent about King. Mostly because he CAN defend sideline passes and back shoulder throws but also because he’ll be effective in the end zone. The Packers gave up WAY too many short TD passes last season.

  18. tjv
    April 30, 2017 at 4:08 pm


    If you think you take a balanced approach when talking about Thompson you’re the only one. Michael didn’t warn you because you have a balanced point of view.

    You missed my point on Aaron Jones but you don’t read carefully – not even your own posts: You didn’t use the qualifying word “almost”. In my post at 5:44 PM I quoted you exactly: “Jones is a guy who might make me forgive not getting Cook or Mixon.” You used the “might”, not “almost”. But the point is you wrote that not expecting the Packers to pick Jones. If you would have waited until after the pick I’m sure you wouldn’t have equated him in any way with Cook and Mixon, because it lessens your ability to reasonably criticize Thompson for not taking either of them.

    I acknowledged Thompson finally used free agency to plug some holes. You can’t even do that. BTW, I think Bennett and Kendricks will surpass Cook by a significant margin – we’ll see. I find it both funny and revealing that you close with “Ted is God though…” Only someone who views things in black and white would write such a thing.

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