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Joe Thomas

No More Doubting Thomas

For a player who was signed off the Cowboys practice squad in late September and immediately thrown into the fire, inside linebacker Joe Thomas has acquitted himself pretty darn well. Working primarily in the dime package, the second-year player from South Carolina State has looked surprisingly comfortable in coverage. And that’s a big reason the pass

Capers Turns To Thomas

Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. How else do you explain Dom Capers giving Joe Thomas a chance to play dime linebacker last week against Kansas City? For a defensive coordinator who stuck with the experienced but painfully stiff A.J. Hawk in that role for way too long the past few years,

McCarthy Is Everywhere

Packers Notes will provide updates from training camp whenever we have a person in attendance, so check back for the latest news. This info was compiled by Michael Sarlo. –Things are different for Mike McCarthy this summer. No longer burdened with calling plays on offense, the head coach is spending more time at practice watching

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