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Bold Predictions For Season

A prediction is bold until it doesn’t come true; then, it becomes stupid. But hey, that’s not going to stop me from making some for the 2020 season. Here they are:


This has very little to do with Jones and almost everything to do with the state of the offense. The right side of the line is going to really miss tackle Bryan Bulaga, who was quietly the unit’s best run blocker a year ago. And without a legitimate No. 2 wide receiver and/or a starting-caliber tight end, defenses are going to be able to keep an extra man in the box on a fairly regular basis. Plus, there’s a decent chance second-round draft pick AJ Dillon will see an expanded role as the season moves along. All of this adds up to less rushing yards for Jones, although it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he improves by about 15 catches and 150 yards as a receiver.


Considering Smith had 10 more sacks than Gary a year ago, this prediction would seem more ridiculous than bold. But it’s important to remember that Smith averaged only 6 sacks a season with Washington from 2015 to 2018. With an offseason to prepare, I’m guessing offensive tackles will do a much better job against an edge rusher with good but not elite physical skills. As for Gary, he’s just too talented not to get at least 7 sacks with increased playing time. And like Smith, he’ll greatly benefit from rushing alongside rising stars Za’Darius Smith and Kenny Clark, who combined for 19.5 sacks and over 120 hurries a year ago.


This seems insane when you consider that Lewis is 36 and almost retired a year ago, but who’s better than him at the position? Jace Sternberger had another quiet summer, Robert Tonyan has 14 catches in 27 games, and Josiah Deguara is a rookie who figures to line up more at fullback. Plus, Lewis is the best blocker on an offense that wants to run the ball a lot more this season. I’m not saying it’s a good idea to have the second-oldest player on the team logging 600 or more snaps; I’m just saying it could very well happen.


I’m in no way suggesting that King is better than Jaire Alexander, but going to the Pro Bowl is often more about statistics than actual performance, and I can see the fourth-year cornerback putting up impressive numbers this season. Opposing quarterbacks will look to avoid Alexander, and that should mean plenty of opportunities for King to make plays. He had 5 interceptions last season, and that number could go up, especially when you factor in what figures to be a relentless pass rush. And if that number does go up, he’ll probably find himself in Las Vegas in late January and the recipient of a massive new contract in March.


Considering the Packers won five more games than the Cowboys last season, this also seems more ridiculous than bold. But new coach Mike McCarthy is taking over a very talented roster, and he’ll benefit from playing in what looks to be a weak division. Meanwhile, the Packers will have to deal with the always tough Vikings and what I expect to be improved teams in Detroit and Chicago. To that end, it’s important to remember that Green Bay’s four wins over the Lions and Bears last season were by a total of only 19 points.

Needless to say, these bold predictions are based on the players staying healthy. Jones probably won’t rush for over 900 yards if he misses multiple games. Gary probably won’t have more sacks than Preston Smith if he misses multiple games. Lewis probably won’t play more snaps than the other tight ends if he misses multiple games. King probably won’t go to the Pro Bowl if he misses multiple games. And the Cowboys probably won’t win more games than the Packers if… nevermind, I think this one happens no matter what.

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4 Responses “Bold Predictions For Season”

  1. Tom Moshier
    09/08/2020 at 7:31 pm

    Wow! Showing some love for Rashan Gary and Kevin King. Two players you never particularly cared for. And criticized Brian and Ted for drafting at the time.

    I would use Aaron Jones in a similar fashion as the Chiefs use Tyreek Hill. Jones isn’t as dynamic but has always been better in space. It would help you in the passing game and it gets the ball into the hands of one of your two playmakers. Letting Dillion pound the rock. Of course, you’d have to sell it to Rodgers who’s never been a fan of throwing passes to his RB’s. Good luck with that.

    Never liked the Dallas Cowboys but I’ll be pulling for Big Mike. Mike Holmgren thought he was too big for Green Bay and couldn’t wait to leave. McCarthy on the other hand love it there. Even married a local girl and wanted nothing more than to finish his career with the Packers. It didn’t work out, but he landed on his feet and I wish him well.

    I just don’t see the NFC North that challenging. Minnesota lost four starters on defense and traded away their best WR. Chicago’s defense is a year older and Trubisky will always have limitations. And while I like Stafford, can’t say the same for Patricia. We may not go 6-0 in the division but 4-2 is very doable. It all depends on health. With the exception of RT, WR, and possibly ILB, there’s just too much talent on this roster.

  2. Michael Rodney
    09/09/2020 at 9:34 am

    If Gary and King were good picks, these wouldn’t be bold predictions.

  3. Eric
    09/09/2020 at 12:46 pm

    I think the Mercedes Lewis prediction is the boldest. If it’s true then I think the Packers are in trouble on offense. I’m hoping 12 keeps looking to Sternberger to develop strong and rhythm. To me, Sternberger is the key to this offense. If he can catch 50 balls I think we have an offense in the 10-15 range.

  4. Tom Moshier
    09/09/2020 at 12:59 pm

    Then we differ on what a bold prediction is. Rashan Gary getting 10 sacks seems like a safe bet to me. 20 year old Kenny Clark hardly set the league of fire his rookie season. Yet you saw enough to know that if the talented rookie was willing to work hard, stay out of trouble, and stay healthy, he could be special. There’s no questioning 21 year old Gary’s talent and by all accounts he’s worked his butt off because he wants to be good. And good things usually happy to talented players willing to sacrifice to do what it takes to be good. Contrast that with Montravious Adams who’s obviously a lesser talent but has an NFL skill set nonetheless. He neither wants it nor is he willing to work for it.

    As far as Kevin King, someone is going to pay him a boat load of money. And I hope it’s us. He’s the perfect compliment to Alexander. I think that qualifies him as a good pick. He was injured for at least half of each of his first two years and it wasn’t until his third season when he was finally healthy that he really came on. Not unlike Davante Adams. He did next to nothing as a rookie. Had the ankle injury year two. And didn’t break out until his third season.

    I think too often we expect too much too soon from these players. It’s why drafting Tee Higgins, KJ Hamler, or Denzel Mims and expecting them to be difference makers right out the gate is pure folly. And drafting a potential franchise QB then giving him time to develop is the better way to go.

    I say the same thing to my 49er friends. Drafting Brandon Aiyuk doesn’t win the 49ers the SB next year. In fact, the 49ers will never win a SB with Jimmy Garoppolo as QB. Because Garoppolo will never beat Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson. Garoppolo had a 4 point lead with 5 minutes to go in the SB last year and he couldn’t seal the deal. He had the best defense, the best running game, and the best TE. He couldn’t make a play. Why will it be different now? Brandon Aiyuk? Please! If there was a team that should have drafted Jordan Love it’s the 49ers or the Vikings. Because they’ve hit their respective ceilings with their QB’s. Now that would have been bold. But they played it safe. Instead it was Brian Gutekunst who was bold. And I loved it!

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