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  1. Dale

    Agreed 👍for the most part. Honestly, I feel they should’ve gotten rid of him.

    I played football during high school and when the coach came down on one of our “star” players it got everyone’s attention, and if one of the so called star players got what was perceived as an easy road this also caused a breakdown in team unity and problems soon followed.

    What’s my point? Simply this, if it can happen in a high school environment how can it not occur in a professional environment? Especially, when other players can easily view your lack of effort while there busting their ass.

    In the end, given the enormous amount of money being shelled out… especially considering there’s been no effort at upgrading the overall team. I don’t understand keeping a player who didn’t seem interested in the team, but apparently just themselves.

    We have needs at CB, OC, DT, MLB, Slot corner and WR. There’s no way we can address the issues through the draft only. We need to sign 3 to 5 vets to improve the depth and potential spot starts like Wagner did for us this past season.

    In the end, I doubt Gute does much of anything and we’ll roll out a weaker team than last year and expect different results. Shame…


  2. Michael Rodney

    12 will always give the Packers a chance to win. That’s the beauty of having an all-time great at QB. Gutekunst is a run-of-the-mill GM, but remember, the Packers won 12 games in back-to-back seasons with Mike Sherman as coach and GM.


  3. Kelly S

    I’m fine with Smith coming back as long as Barry doesn’t keep him out there if he’s playing like garbage. I want to see some accountability for a change. Sitting Smith for the first few plays of a game was hardly holding somebody accountable for poor play and effort.


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