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  1. Tom M

    Everyone bitched and complained when Billy Turner was signed. “That’s too much money for a guard.” Gutekunst paid big bucks because he knew two things. First, Turner could play tackle. And second, both David Bakhtiari and Brian Bulaga were soon to be free agents and there was no way he could afford both. Turner gave him the versatility not to force an early pick on a tackle. Not unlike Jimmy Graham and how everyone complained about him. Gutekunst simply had bigger fish to fry, namely the secondary and the pass rush, than to use high draft capital on a TE. Graham was a stopgap until the position could be addressed at a later date just as Turner will be used now at RT. Turner makes a better tackle in my opinion. He’s no mauler at guard.

    As far as CB vs ILB, as any DC in the league will tell you corners and OLB make the world go round. They give you the versatility to do all kinds of things. The Bears Roquan Smith is an excellent ILB. Chicago however is going to miss Kyle Fuller more than they would Smith. Just because the position is more important. Still, I’d like to have a good sideline to sideline LB. You draft CB’s until you get it right. Just like you do QB’s on offense. Yes, Gutekunst missed on Josh Jackson but he knocked it out of the park when he selected Jaire Alexander. Not to mention Darnell Savage looks a lot like Nick Collins. And if Stokes is half as good as either we can all rejoice and be happy.


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