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  1. Michael Gasparino

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Any talk of playoffs without Rodgers is folly. I do think Love has a chance to be a very good QB but he is inexperienced and that does not bode well with the Packers schedule. Packer management dug a deep hole and I think they should have traded Rodgers before draft when they had several potential suitors. I don’t see any way this situation can be mended by any means other then one side’s complete capitulation which will not happen. Also, the ripple effect on the team, especially if Love struggles, will certainly impact the locker room and I doubt Adams will return to that situation.


  2. Bryan Johnson

    Ugh. All of this stuff is so unfortunate. This should be a super bowl team. Instead, I get the sense that this season will be a bit of a letdown due to the Rodgers drama.


  3. Eric

    Seems to me that you basically capture the extremely tight spot that the Packers find themselves in: either Rodgers doesn’t play a single snap again for the Packers or he plays for the next three years. Really tough call. Rodgers gives them the best chance, clearly, this year. And either way, whenever Love starts they’re going to have a rough year – remember Rodgers’ first year was what, 6-10? I think I lean towards keeping Rodgers at whatever cost but won’t be devastated if Love starts week 1. Gutekunst’s entirely career balances on this single decision.


  4. Dale Lake

    Bottom line I’m sick of Rodgers. I don’t like his attitude. I don’t believe he’s as good as everyone says. He’s a prick who carries grudges around like old tee shirts.

    Yes, I know he’s a great QB, but he’s a poor example of a good person. I remember the David Whitehurst and Randy Wright years. I remember loving Lynn Dickey because he actually was good enough to give us a chance to win. But he was just too beat up to continue playing late into his 30’s.

    In the end, I say trade him. Trade him to Denver or Raiders. Get as much for him as absolutely possible. Both draft picks and players.

    Let Rodgers and his fiancee have their freak parties and do whatever crazy he’s into and let’s move forward with people who want to be here.

    If Murphy gets fired that’s fine because I would hope he would fire Ball and Guety.

    Will this happen? Most likely not, but I am not afraid of moving on from Mr. Fancy Pants 👖🩳 and enjoying players who want to be here.

    I think Love will surprise some of us and while I don’t expect us to win more than 8 game’s but it is something to build off of.


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