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  1. Bryan

    Excellent post and you make some great points.

    I could be wrong, but the thing that makes Adams elite is his footwork. Unlike speed and quickness, his ability to set up defenders and use his feet to make defenders look silly won’t diminish significantly with age. Davante will likely lose a step or two, but as long as his footwork stays in good shape he should stay productive for quite some time.

    …or at least I hope that’s the case.


  2. JJ

    Good post. I can think of another reason – availability. He’s missed several games the last two years with foot/ankle injuries. He also had a number of concussions earlier in his career – 3 over 14 months including that brutal shot vs Bears.
    The contract situations with cornerstone players in recent years makes it especially frustrating that Gutey has been so passive with secondary free agents and ineffective with the draft. I really wish we could have seen 12 with Wolf and Holmgren.


  3. Slater

    I wouldn’t have paid Bakhtiari for the same reason I wouldn’t pay Adams. I’d rather have a good left tackle on a rookie contract than a great left tackle making $23 million. The Packers’ cap problems aren’t because of 12. They’re because Gutekunst signed Bakhtiari, Clark, and the Smiths to contracts worth over $300 million. Ted was able to keep most of his best players and also keep control of the cap because he usually agreed to deals that were more friendly to the team.


  4. Dennis

    should sign Davante to a two or three year cap friendly for this year extension with incentives if he is willing to accept it.


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