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September 19, 2022 6:04 pm

Thanks, Michael. A few thoughts:

For me the keys that emerged from this game were that they won, they had no injuries, and that LaFleur saw what Jones can do with so many touches. Let’s face it, they beat a team that’s probably picking top-5 in next year’s draft. But it’s important that while this team finds its offensive and defensive identity that they get wins when they can get them. I fully expect the Pack to emerge 1-2 after this Sunday (though Evans’ suspension certainly will help).

Seeing Watkins make a few critical catches was important, as well. Especially that deep ball – they need to have a deep-ball game that make defenses stay a little further back. The problem for the Packers is that not many of the good defenses have a corner like K. Gordon who Rodgers can take advantage of.

I was really, really impressed with Doubs moves after the catch. That was the first time I really saw him show that he can be a very good player for this team.

Watching Amari Rodgers field punts is really tough. After this fumble and last year’s fumbles, the front office has to be scanning the league for possible returners, right?

Watching Jenkins struggle from rust, I don’t see how they can trot out Bakhtiari for the TB game. Wait another week and then go with him to see what happens.

I don’t see anything developing from the TE’s until Tonyan more fully recovers, likely later in the year.

I’m a bit surprised the middle of the defense, particularly Campbell and the safeties, has been slow to emerge here in the early goings. I expect that to change but thought there’d be more from them early.

This looks like a team that’s going to take awhile to emerge and they need every win they can get until then. Grateful for them playing the Bears so early on to build some confidence!

Reply to  Michael Rodney
September 19, 2022 7:40 pm

i think it is great that Jones and Dillon work well together on and off of the field.. two high character guys. most folks think that Dillon is THE goal-line back due to his size and strength. what Jones lacks in size/strength he more than compensates with vision, quickness and balance. i see Jones as a very capable goal line back too. few backs have Jones’ vision.. he reads blocks and openings as well as anyone in the league. i hope Dillon can increase that skill.. adding an elite-level vision to his game could make Dillon become an elite back and, probably, prolong his career.

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