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October 20, 2022 3:04 pm

LaFleur’s game plans are far more conservative. Makes it much easier to defend. Games that Davante missed they would still score in the high 20’s, even 30’s if I remember. Kept defenses honest. Way too much spread and shotgun.

Clearly the talent is down but not getting the ball to Jones is a huge issue. Every snap Dillon takes for Jones is one less chance for Jones to break one. LaFleur has not put them in the best position to win. His game plans have been mediocre and unimaginative.

Reply to  NP40
October 20, 2022 4:46 pm

No question LaFleur’s schemes aren’t as creative, but I also think defenses are better prepared to face the Packers without Adams. Rather than having a few days to prepare, they’ve had months. Bring pressure and play man to man coverage seems to be the blueprint.

October 21, 2022 7:46 am

Very interesting post and something I’d not thought about how much each position had changed.
When LaFleur came here I was really excited about seeing a lot more motion and things to confuse the defense. If I remember correctly Rodgers doesn’t like that and wants a more static offense to he can “read” the defense.
Do you have any plans to do a similar article on the defense?

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