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  1. Paul Taylor

    I don’t disagree that this could be Jones’ last season with the Packers, but getting rid of one of the few explosive players on offense would be a risk. I’d like to see something worked out. I think Jones and Dillon could be a great 1-2 punch.


  2. Elliot

    I always forget how young Clark is. He’s only a year older than some of the rookies drafted in April.


  3. Tom Moshier

    This is why drafting well is so important. It’s put up or shut up for Gutekunst’s first draft class. It’d be nice if we could get something out of Jackson, Burks, MVS, or EQ to help soften the blow of these impending FA losses. And it’s not like we can use next years draft either. RT has to be priority number one. We’re living on borrowed time with Wagner at RT

    You make a good point about franchise tagging Clark. Perhaps by pushing his contract a year later, it would give us a chance to get Billy Turner’s contract off the books and free up some more cash.


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